San Damiano Christian Cross with five major witnesses to Jesus crucifiction


Cross is 9 1/2" high and tells the following story with an iconic picture

Jesus Christ is represented both as wounded
and as strong. He stands upright and resolute.
His halo already includes the picture of the
glorified cross. The bright white coloring of the
Lord’s body contrasts with the dark red and black
around it and accentuates the prominence of
Jesus. He projects the life of the divine nature in
a body pierced by nails in the hands and feet, by
the crown of thorns on his head, and by the
soldier’s lance in his side. The representation
contrasts with the triumphant, regal Christ
portrayed on the cross in earlier centuries and
the suffering, dying, crucified Christ depicted
generally throughout the Church beginning in the
fourteenth century. Christ is represented in full
stature while all other figures are smaller in
stature. This focuses our attention on Jesus as
the person to be worshiped. Above the head of
Jesus is the inscription in Latin: JESUS OF

Made of wood. Ready to hang with hook on the back.

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